The USGS installed a strong motion detector in Horsethief Canyon at my house on 3/15/2012.
When a significant quake occurs nearby (about 3.5 magnitude or greater), the detector is triggered. You can track all triggered events
by visiting the USGS site that monitors the data. The station name is  Q0038 . You may also view
the USGS interactive map to view all stations in the network Netquakes Map .
Also, here is a link to ABC's Live Quake Cam if you want to see an old drum and pen seismograph - live !!
And here is a link to the list of seismometer names / locations used in the USGS network - click here

Use this equation to calculate approximate distance to the quake:    8.4 x T    where T is the difference
in arrival times between the P-Wave and the S-Wave.   So if T was 24 seconds, 8.4 x 24 = 201 km away.

Well formed seismograms have been saved here:  click-here

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<Click Here> for the new USGS realtime earthquake map
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