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HaldermanHome Weather
Live Weather Station (1394) - CW7445, Corona, California, 92883
Located in Temescal Valley, south Corona, CA
Horsethief Canyon Ranch
Also near Luiseno School
Twitter Account: @HaldermanHomeWx
Station Info
Sunrise: 6:10a      Sunset: 7:25p 


                                         Courtesy of Tom Harkins    

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Appreciation! Thank you Tom Harkins for making this school weather web site possible by donating hundreds of dollars worth of equipment to help foster student enthusiasm for meteorological and scientific pursuits.



Conditions at 7:28p, 04/21/18
(Updates every 5 minutes !!! Hit Refresh !!!)


F 77.5F

Today's High / Low

F / F




Dew Point

Peak Wind Gust Today mph  3:02p

& Steady

Detailed High/Low Station Data
Today and


Detailed Rain Data
(From Automated Gauge)


0.00 in

Storm Total

0.00 in

Month 0.02 in
Water Year 3.79 in
Current Rate

0.00 in/hr

Today's Peak Rate

0.00 in/hr ----

Manual Gauge
Water Year Total

4.21 inches
as of 4/20/2018

Weather Notes:
  "Rainy Season" annual rain has now been adjusted to the new NWS standard of "Water Year", which starts October 1st instead of July 1st.


Horsethief Canyon Ranch NWS Point Forecast

Most Accurate       Graphical forecast of our area        Hourly Graph        10 Day Forecast

Beautiful Microburst in Pheonix on July 18, 2016

Station Weather Almanac
(National Weather Service and CWOP Station Name CW7445 )

*Rainfall** Peak Wind
Today F F 0.00 in  mph
Month F F 0.02 in  mph
Year F F 3.79 in  mph
2017 111 F 35 F 21.52 in 50 mph
2016 115 F 33 F 6.86 in 43 mph
2015 108 F 29 F 10.83 in 38 mph
2014 107 F 32 F 8.47 in 40 mph
2013 106 F 30 F 5.28 in 41 mph
2012 106 F 34 F 9.51 in 42 mph
2011 107 F 31 F 24.17 in 35 mph
2010 108 F 31 F 17.59 in 44 mph
2009 109 F 32 F 12.50 in 43 mph
2008 109 F 33 F 14.70 in 46 mph
2007 108 F 25 F 2.52 in 53 mph
2006 110 F 32 F 10.41 in 43 mph
2005 106 F 36 F 29.73 in 37 mph
115 F (1) 25 F (2) 35.09 in (3)
2.52 in (4)
53 mph (5)

Record Keeping Began in 1990
* Water Year  is  October 1st - September 30th.
** Automatic measurements are used for the current year, then
manual gauge totals are entered for each year's total.

(1) Highest Temperature, 115.0
F (June 20, 2016)
(2) Lowest Temperature, 25.2
F (January 14, 2007)
(3) Highest water year (1993)(Estimated using  '92-'93 rainy season total of 35.09")
(4) Lowest water year (2007) (Also lowest rainy season, 1.40",  '06-'07)
(5) Highest wind gust 53 mph (January 5, 2007)

Weather data for the last 24 hours
Last 8 hours, Last 24 hours, Last 14 days

Temperature for the last 24 hours

Measured rainfall for the last 24 hours

Humidity for the last 24 hours

Rainfall rates for the last 24 hours

Dew Point for the last 24 hours

Peak wind gusts for the last 24 hours

Air Pressure for the last 24 hours


Wind direction for the last 24 hours


Clickable and Expandable Map

Satellite Picture (
( Visible: 2km, 8km   Infrared: 2km, 8km, 16km, 28km  Water Vapor: 8km, 16km, 28km  ) 
Surface Map     500mb Chart    Northern Hemi Composite


Radar Loop (San Diego Radar, NWS California Radar, AccuWeather Radar, El Dorado Radar )
  USA 7 Day Rain Est, CA 7 Day Rain Est )


HaldermanHome Station Location (CW7445)
We are feeding data to San Diego's National Weather Service Office. Our station name at the office is HRRCHL
We are also part of the CWOP Network - which has given us the name CW7445.
Other views of our data can be found on the internet at APRS and MESOWEST.


NOAA Formatted Text Reports
This Month     Last Month     This Year      Last Year 
Historical Monthly/Yearly Reports

Daily Summary Tables:
Last 2 Days   Last 8 Days  

Other Links ( Submit Report - RIV104 )

Tom Harkins (HCR Weather Station)
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Willi Wilkens (Twitter Account)
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Weather Reporting Sites (RIV104, 33.731N,117.428W)
Storm Report   (Select "Current Hazards/Submit Report")
CoCoRaHS     (thalderman  datHHhhdat))

Beach Cams
Huntington Beach Pier Cam

Communication Tower Cams
  ( Santiago Peak: Pic, Wx
 ( Pleasants Peak: Pic, Wx )

Snow/Mountain Cams 
Mammoth Village Cam 
Big Bear Town Cam - Channel 6 Big Bear 
Mountain High Skii Slopes 
Wrightwood Town Cam 
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