Mr. Halderman's Favorites

Lightning striking a large tree near a farmhouse.
This is why you DON'T stand under a tree in a thunderstorm.
Notice how the bolt can be seen traveling down the trunk of the tree.

Other Pictures

Big rig can be seen on other side of the freeway - Flipped.
Railroad cars will be hit next on the right side of the road - 10 will be overturned. - Click Here

Rotating wall cloud around the base of a thunderstorm on the prairie. - Click Here

Beautiful long bolt of lightning coming from high-up in the cloud - Click Here

Awesome rotating wall cloud with rain falling behind it.
This is a common site before tornados begin descending to the ground - Click Here

Mammato-Cumulus clouds lit up by a setting sun at the United States
Air force Academy in Colorado, August 10, 2004 - Click Here

Beautiful Lightning Storm at Sea off of the Florida Coast.
You can see a jet going by in the sky to the right of the thunderstorm. - Click Here